Enterprise-Level Authenticated Web Experience

The Client

Rockwell Automation is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation, helping assemble component parts to make cars, household appliances and computer systems. This Fortune 500 company operates its business through two segments – Architecture + Software, and Control Products + Solutions enabling its customers to run efficient and productive manufacturing operations.

The Ask

Rockwell, founded in 1903, has acquired many large and small companies over its lifetime and operates today in a series of disconnected business units. Customers must maintain multiple accounts and operate separately with different areas of the Rockwell company. This creates overlap in disparate digital experiences, limits opportunity for cross-selling, and places a heavy organizational burden on users. Solstice has been brought on to lead Rockwell’s Digital Business Transformation and build one connected experience for Rockwell’s users.

The Solution

The MyRockwell Automation portal delivers an integrated digital experience for customers to help them be more productive and easily access everything they need in one centralized location. This personalized experience stores frequently used apps, services, and digital tools in an authenticated portal that connects to other RA sites. With three main functions, Search, Manage, and Browse, it’s intuitive to use and easy to navigate. Still in its infancy after its first public release, MyRockwell lays the foundation for connecting all of RA’s business offerings to customers in one place and plays in a user experience space unimagined in the industry.

Product UX Team Structure

The Team

We operate in Agile Scrum Teams working across Chicago, Milwaukee and Buenos Aires to cover Program-level Strategy, a Conceptual-Runway Track, and Delivery Streams for each business unit.

UX Players & Design System

The Product/UX/UI Designers and Researchers are assigned to different delivery streams but meet 3x per week to manage our product’s design system and UX backlog. I lead UX on two streams — User Access Management and Repair Services.

Access Management

The Bridge from New Experiences to Old

RA Access Management is a single sign on experience built to replace all existing, disconnected Account Management applications across different RA websites and apps. Understanding the needs and functionality provided by each experience, optimizing and updating these offerings, and connecting them to other applications allows Rockwell users to manage only one set of login credentials to access a robust center of personalized information and access rights.

Repair Services

Automating a Manual Process

Today RA Repair users avoid the dated and complicated online experience and request product repairs by calling their distributors over the phone. This requires validation of product information, warranty, available repair service tiers and the manual creation of a papertrail. The Request for Quote Wizard in MyRockwell eases the burden on both the customer and distributor side by providing a quick and easy-to-use RFQ worksheet. Users search for the product they need repaired in the RA database to view the available repair service offerings. This give the distributor the correct product details and accurate repair service tiers to price out for the user.

This RFQ is the first step in the quote-to-order process. We are currently building the functionality for customers and distributors to manage their quotes and orders. Users and distributors will collaborate on pricing, accept, place and track their orders from one centralized view.